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Keep Your Employees, Customers & Community Safe With Custom Acrylic Shields

Using a Cnc Machine we guarantee customers precision cuts, with highquality results. Our new product line called covid shields is designed to provide solutions in commercial spaces that need social distancing protocols.

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Design solutions

Commercial and residential clients trust our team of  professionals when it comes to their requirements and ideas for their spaces.


We specialize in production of designs with a large range of materials that vary from plastics like pvc, acrylic , wood, metal shees and more.

Covid shields

As a result of the world pandemic we developed a line of social distancing barriers for small and big commercial spaces.


Our team of professionals is willing to help you achieve the highest quality result in your project adapting to your budget and design requirements.



Self standing Covid Shield. Protect your employees and customers.

If you are a store owner and want to implement social distancing measures contact us for a free design and quote. We are able to produce large orders daily with our CNC machine

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We materialize your ideas through personalized cuts.
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